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24V 60W Power Solar And Wind Powered Street Lights With Intelligent Controller

24V 60W Power Solar And Wind Powered Street Lights With Intelligent Controller

    • 24V 60W Power Solar And Wind Powered Street Lights With Intelligent Controller
    • 24V 60W Power Solar And Wind Powered Street Lights With Intelligent Controller
  • 24V 60W Power Solar And Wind Powered Street Lights With Intelligent Controller

    Szczegóły Produktu:

    Place of Origin: China
    Nazwa handlowa: TYPMAR
    Orzecznictwo: CE, ISO9001, IEC61400
    Model Number: CXF-300W


    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Cena: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Wooden case
    Delivery Time: 15 days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 1000 sets/ month
    Szczegółowy opis produktu
    Performance: High power efficiency Safety: good mancraft and material in manufacturing
    Unique: TYPMAR patented Solar panel: 100W
    LED lamps: 60W Control system: Intelligent Remote control
    Material: Aluminum alloy Start-up wind speed: 1m/s
    Application: For street lighting

    24V 60W Power Solar And Wind Powered Street Lights With Intelligent Controller
    Quick Detail
    1. Start up at 1.0 m/s, cut in wind speed 2.5 m/s
    2. Lightning rod built in wind turbine body
    3. Maglev technology firstly applied to wind turbine area, direct drive, no mechanic friction
    4. Savonius Turbine and Darrieus Turbine are combined, perfect work in breeze and strong wind
    5. Certificate: SGS, CE, ISO9000
    6. Monthly production: 1000pcs
    Our 300W Maglev wind turbine mainly designed for hybrid street lighting use, the wind turbine is easy starting up, light weight and small in size. While the hybrid street lighting system installed, you can find it’s a beautiful view for the urban city as well as the following benefits. 
    • Gearless design: no need to replace worn-out or broken gear
    • Brushless: motor brushes making high failure items results in regular replacements
    • Bearing-free design: no need to lubricate or to replace worn-out bearings
    • Magnetic levitation design: reduces rotational resistance to enhance power generation as well as prolong the turbine life.
    • No yaw or furling mechanism required: allows for peak power output at any wind speed
    • No cogging torque for cutting-in at low wind speed
    • Direct-drive: Extends product life
    • Blades can start rotating at very low wind velocity of 2.2 mph (1 m/s)
    • Space-saving, aerodynamic airframe
    • Heavy duty and industrial level construction
     Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light System With Doulbe LED Lamps
    • Intelligent control system has automatic protective functions to lower rotational speed in case of so strong wind as hurricane
    • Real-time remote monitoring system can monitor and acquire data and equipment performance
    The intelligent controller has three main functions:

    1. Prevent battery overcharge and over discharge
    2. Change AC into DC
    3. Can be set time, RPM and light control with time control to street light

    LED Lamp
    Self-research and design, use CREE brand chip, high-strength tempered glass with better light transmission and UV resistance. Power efficiency was higher than 93%, 50000 hours life span with intelligent dimming function.
    Solar Panel
    Generally we use MONO silicon solar panel that it transform efficiency can be get 18% above
    Used lead-acid or GEL batteries, usage time between 3 to 5 years. Wanted more battery usage time please use lithium iron phosphate battery
    The 300w wind turbine, 12V and 24V for option, is ideal for wind solar hybrid street lights or LED light for parking lots. The unit provides a durable, reliable, and fully customized hybrid solution to wind solar hybrid power systems.

    Rated power

    Approx. 300Wh at 13 m/s (26 mph)

    Swept Area

    0.8 m2

    Height / Diameter

    1.23/1.08 m


    27 kg

    Shipping Dimensions

    1160 x 520 x 790 mm  56 kg

    Startup Wind Speed

    1 m/s (2.6 mph)


    12, and 24 V AC

    Turbine Controller

    Smart Wind $ solar hybrid controller


    Permanent mold cast aluminum


    (7) Injection-molded aluminum


    Permanent maglev generator

    Overspeed Protection

    3 phases short-circuit braking control

    Survival Wind Speed



    Inner diameter 80MM 140mm outer diameter

    Wind Speed Operating Range

    1-15 m/s (8-49 mph)

    Optimum Wind Speed Range (RPM)

    8-10 m/s ( 750-800RPM)




    Horizontal axis (HAWT)

    Vertical axis (EML)

    Start wind speed



    Wind conditions required

    Require stable wind direction

    Any wind direction

     Encountered turbulence

    Reduce the efficiency

    Efficiency is not affected

    Power stability

    Change by wind direction

    Without any wind effect


    Large(45 decibels or more)

    Low noisy                                         (because there is no mechanical friction)

    Product appearance



    Installation height

    High(need to avoid the terrain turbulence)

    Low(not afraid of  turbulence)

    Installation location

    Just in open area like suburb

    Any location

    Generator material

    Plastic or composite


    Structure strength

    Poor (easy to broken)

    High(double strengthen arm)

    Resistance of wind speed

    Poor(about 40 m/s)

    High(about 60m/s)



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